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ChantWorks presents Fear Not. Host Linda Hoffman speaks with Father James Altman.


Transcript: Fear Not interview. Linda Hoffman speaks with Father James Altman. Father Altman is a Catholic priest who received attention in 2020 after appearing in a viral YouTube video. After a dispute over his comments with Bishop William P. Callahan, Altman was later prohibited from celebrating Mass publicly in 2021. This show was recorded June 30, 2022. The second part was produced and release on March 8, 2023.

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Linda Hoffman: A lot has occurred in the last 8 months. Pro-life Catholics, Latin Mass Catholics and others have been targeted and prosecuted by the FBI. You won’t be surprised to hear Father Altman predict grave days ahead in this interview. One can only wonder what more lies ahead.

Father Altman also tells the parable of the rat poison, reminds us that TIME is one of the talents given us to invest and delivers—bar none–the solution to all of today’s anguish, despair and pain. It’s simple. Learn your faith. It’s the single best hedge against the demons prowling about the nation—now in the open for all to see—for the ruin of souls.

Father Altman says it far better than I could ever. So here’s the long-awaited Father Altman, part two. Thank you again for your patience.


(June 30, 2022, video) Has our civil law system drifted away from Natural Law, even to the point of becoming merely procedural? If so, what are the practical consequences?

Father James Altman: Sure. Well, understanding the law as you do, you know there’s procedure and there’s substance. So, there’s procedural law and there’s substantive law. The procedural, of course, is just the rules. So, try and play a football game or basketball game or baseball game and have the umpire—say baseball—I love baseball—the umpire call all strikes on you even though they’re like—you know, wide and outside, low and outside. And then for other team call it, like the other way or something. The rules have to apply equally to both sides. That’s proper procedure. Otherwise, it’s chaos, utter complete chaos and a breakdown of civil society.

So, the real drift is in substance, and you can use procedure to get substance adjusted. But when you have, since the days of Abraham—you shall not harm the baby in your womb in any way, shape, or form, then you have the Didache, which is the first apostolic Cons—what’s that called—Catechism written in about 70 to 90 A.D. where number two specifically says in one short paragraph: you shall not harm the baby in your womb in any way shape or form.

I mean listen; St. Michael shows up… (laugh, under breath) shows up. No. St. Peter, Gabriel the archangel appears at the Annunciation, and he says to Blessed Mother, you shall conceive and bear a son and you shall name him Jesus, and he’ll have the throne of David, and his kingdom will have no end. Right, and glory… Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you. He didn’t say, but, when all was said and done, when she finally gives her fiat, you know: Let it be done according to thy word. He didn’t say, well, I’ll tell you what though, Mary. I mean, think about it now. I’ll come back in another three months in the first trimester because you may start getting a little pushback from these other Jews who will stone you if they find out you’re pregnant and you aren’t married, literally married, betrothed but not yet completed the marriage, right. They might stone you to death, so if things start to get a little hot, and you start getting a little fearful, not sure what your future is going to bring if you show yourself to be with child, I’ll come back and we’ll—if you want to change your mind—I’ll go find somebody else.

That’s not what the holy Archangel Gabriel said to Mary. Right. You don’t mess with the baby in the womb ever. And yet, and yet, though we know this for 4,000 years—in 1973—look what happened. The culmination of this buildup of satanic, truly satanic, diabolical, anti-God, black hearts of men and women, and thus we have Roe v. Wade. Which is bad law to begin with. We all know it was terrible and then, actually, I can’t tell you, I don’t know how many, have you read it? Have you actually read Roe v. Wade? Literally sat down and read it?

Linda Hoffman: No.

Father James Altman: Yeah. (laugh) You can go to the Washington march, right? Half a million people, I’ll tell you, there might be 20 that actually—I actually read it. And we’re all protesting, making a huge sacrifice to process in Washington, in the middle of winter, it’s January so it’s the middle of winter—ah, peacefully by the way—and, but nobody’s read it. But, and here, when you read it, as you’re reading it, you see the black heart of Satan pouring out of the lips of—who was it, was it Blackmun that wrote it? Can’t remember. Was it Harry Blackmun that wrote it?

Linda Hoffman: I think it was.

Father James Altman: It, it is Satan in the garden saying, you surely will not die. And when you see that for the evil, it just, it is as if Satan is leaping off the page at you, right. So how evil is that? You know I say that this all came about because of, you know what, it was the spoiled generation. You know how we had the greatest generation. They produced the greatest spoiled generation.

Linda Hoffman: Yep.

Father James Altman: Because they—for 16 years from the Great Depression of October 2029, or 1929, to World War II there was great deprivation, right. And then World War II comes along and there’s even greater deprivation. Then they finally come back from World War II, the Greatest Generation who sacrificed everything and they—they got back, they started their prosperity and they said, we’re going to give our kids everything we never had. They spoiled them rotten. You never hear about spoil them good, right. They spoiled them rotten. And those kids came of age roughly 1968 and all the sexual revolution because they’re spoiled rot… give me what we want, right. No responsibility. And there’s 1973, Roe v. Wade.

Now look at where we’ve come, how far we’ve come since then. You have Maryland, I think it is, and perhaps it’s Virginia. There’re a couple states out there that have 28 days after their born you can still murder them.

Linda Hoffman: Right.

Father James Altman: This is so far from natural law, of course. It is so God damnedable evil, I wonder how, I wonder how they stay in office unless they’re protected by Satan’s minions themselves. That we can even think that such a proposition is discussable, that we can debate the proposition—that’s all substance. Murdering someone is not procedure. This is all substance. To put on the books of law, which gives you the right to kill a young baby 20 days after, after it’s born.

Linda Hoffman: There’s an ancient legal maxim that refers to natural justice that says “an unjust law is no law at all.” The prophet Isaiah spoke of injustice in Isaiah 10, verse 1 to 4. St. Thomas Aquinas taught that unjust laws need not be obeyed. Laws are only legitimate if they are intended for the common good, are within the scope of the law-making authority, and are applied equally to all. Much like you had just mentioned. What are some of today’s unjust laws and how are ordinary people affected?

Father James Altman: That’s a good question. And where, I think, a lot of the SJWs, and the seamless garment heretics like Blasé Cupich and Jorge Bergoglio really make hay is they take what seems to be an aspect of God’s law and they inflate to cover all things and guide all—and be an all-guiding principle that then goes directly contrary to what just laws actually are. So, let’s take the border crisis. This will be a very good example.

You have Catholic Charities. If you’ve seen that 17-minute video from Complicit Clergy called, Catholic Cartels. I was in that—right at the end—I didn’t know this was going to happen, but I was right there when those first two people were interviewed. I was standing probably 4 feet from them, behind the camera as they were being interviewed. The guy that was the former COO of the Customs and Border Patrol and the guy… he reminds me of the skipper—this is a complement in case he’s watching—the skipper on Gilligan’s Island because he just looks like him, kind of sounds like him and he’s frustrated as Skipper used to be with Gilligan. He was the head of ICE. Literally the head of ICE.

And they’re talking about what’s going on at the border and I could, we could go on for an hour just to scratch the surface of what we both have seen at the boarder itself or what’s going on. Yet, you have the Catholic—people in the Catholic church like a Cupich, like a Bergoglio, like McElroy, like that guy down in a—oh gosh, where is it, there’s some place right on the Texas border, I think or on the Mexican border and Texas. They’re letting, under the pretense, the false proposition that we have let all these people in and then disperse them to all the country under the pretense that that’s social justice.

Now there, listen. There’s a higher order here. The higher order is this. God made nations, ultimately law must be applied equally to all and that is the only way there will be civil society. It’s the only way man can live together as man so long as there’s a set of laws that apply equally. And one of them is for, is for the good of the country. And I don’t care what country you’re in. If the laws that are there maintain civil order, then you can’t, on your own accord just say, I don’t care what the law of the land is. That it’s been that way since the beginning. That both Democrats who have controlled the house and—the whole house, and the role of Congress and the presidency at the same time for like two-thirds of the last hundred years and had never changed those immigration laws—that you can’t, on your own, say, to heck with these immigration laws. I’m just going to, because of some sense of justice in my mind, allow a couple million illegal immigrants.

Illegal—they’re illegal—they’re not even immigrants. They’re not immigrating. They’re illegal aliens. They’re illegal. They come into this country established on illegality. Why do we think they’re going to obey any other law? They’ve already proven that they can’t obey the law. In any other country in his world, which, you know, John-Henry Westen can’t seem to get down from Canada to the U.S. because they’re, they don’t let this going back and forth take place. And we all can’t go anywhere if we’re not masked up and getting the jab.

And yet they’re letting these millions per year invade us. These are invaders. They are every much invading us as Russia invaded Ukraine. There’s no difference.

Anyway, so, the question was unjust laws need not be obeyed. And they flip it around to say, well, those laws that are in place are unjust. No, there not. It has kept our civil society of the globe in order. Every country has a border because we must obey God rather than men, and that’s straight out of the New Testament. That’s straight out of Peter and John telling the Sanhedrin, the religious leaders of the day: Hey, sorry, we don’t have to obey you.

I think the best example, the best understanding of this—because if we’re ignorant we will be vulnerable—is Peter Kwasniewski (I’m not pronouncing his name properly)—I just got to meet him for the first time—finally, this past week it was—what a blessing that was. (Wow!)

His book called… I have it right over there… it’s True Obedience. It’s a very short book and very succinctly reveals for the world what an apostate is Jorge Bergoglio and how you don’t have to obey an unjust order. The person who taught me most, he and his brother, how to celebrate the extraordinary form, the true form of the Mass—Anyway he went there. He went to… into that there and I went to his ordination. And one of the professors there ended up being a daily communicant at my parish in La Crosse. So, he taught there for like 20 years, I think. So, if ever I thought I—and I did this all the time— regularly I said: Professor, was there anything heretical or wrong that I said? And I did that more times that I could possibly count. And not once. As a matter of fact, he said keep up the good work.

Here’s somebody who listened to every daily homily, long before, long before they ever started going out there on COVID, during COVID time. And, and I had him there every day keeping me, making sure. I, because as I’ve always said, listen, if I’m not speaking the truth you tell me. Because the last thing I want to do is mislead people and especially if they don’t know the faith. Then, then they’re vulnerable.

You see, that’s what, that’s what these people like Cupich, or Bergoglio are doing. Most people are ignorant of the faith, and they also don’t know that these people have weaponized obedience. And to crush you if you don’t do what they say as if their word is somehow infallible. And when you read, when you read the definition of infallibility, and it was from Pius IV wrote on the Immaculate Conception, when you read it, it’s like two paragraphs long. I think it’s number 27. When you read that and you see what it means to state unequivocally to the glory and power of Almighty God what an infallible statement is—and then you compare it to this crap that’s coming out of Bergoglio, and you realize, this is just personal opinion, which need not be obeyed. Especially when you have Trent, St. Pius V and 2000 years of church history, saints and martyrs who gave their life for the Sacred Liturgy backing you up. So, you don’t need to obey false error.

In fact, you know who said this too? I love this one. Saint—oh gosh—he’s was in Auschwitz. Maximilian Kolbe, and he said that the minute a bishop enters into error, even in the slightest, you don’t have to obey that. You don’t have to obey the error. And that’s Maximilian Kolbe. You know I’ve been to Auschwitz 10 times because I take pilgrimages there. And the tenth time is as bad as the first. It just never lessens in impact.

The evil of men. The evil that exists today. Why people don’t understand that the evil of Auschwitz is running around—is alive and well here in our country and around the world today. And these globalists at Davos. I don’t get it. They’re just ignorant. Bread and circuses. Just give us our food and let us watch the football on TV on Sunday and we don’t care what goes on.

Well, then you don’t care, and I’ll tell you the people who do care. The people that are in power that are trying to destroy you. Auschwitz is alive and well today. We’re about to see it come to its fruition. Anyway, Maximilian Kolbe—his grave is right there. Well, not his grave but where he was murdered in that cell in the basement. And you go there and there’s a little shrine to him there and it’s just profound.

Anyway, he said you don’t have to obey a bishop when he’s in error, even in the slightest. But we are, but that ship has sailed. They’re not just slightly in error anymore. The minute they locked the church… listen, Mexico. They shot the priests and they shot the people who tried to go to Mass in the late 1920s, right.

There’s that beautiful martyr, St. José Luis Sánchez del Río. At the age of 14 they tortured, sliced his feet, walked him to his grave, bayoneted him. He makes the cross in his own blood and then they shoot him because he isn’t dying fast enough. That, but, they’re going to be standing at the gate when Bergoglio gets there. When Cupich gets there. And it won’t be long because they’re old. Uh, yeah, and they’re not getting past these martyrs. You don’t have to obey error ever, so yeah.

Linda Hoffman: Beautifully said. Beautifully said. (sigh) Okay, last question.

Father James Altman: Okay.

Linda Hoffman: What can ordinary Catholics do to support natural law and natural justice?

Father James Altman: Sure. What can ordinary Catholics do? Well, you can start by learning your faith. Most people wallow in ignorance and, thus, are vulnerable to not even knowing what their faith demands. And, you know the parable of the talents. One of the talents that we’ve been given that nobody seems to recognize is time. And the question will be: Well, what did you do with all that time I gave you? I gave you 170-, what is it, eight hours. Let’s see, 8 times… plus 4 times 7. Hundred and… what is it, 100 and… how many hours in a week? A hundred and sixty-eight, right? A hundred and sixty-eight hours each week… As a lawyer I used to know this cause you know. There was a law firm that billed more than a hundred and sixty-eight hours per week. You can’t do that. Yeah.

I mean even some—you still have to sleep. Wow. Anyway, God gave us all those hours. How much time did we actually devote to him? We just clock in and clock out for an hour on Sunday? Or does it say, does keep holy the Lord’s day mean keep holy the Lord’s 55 minutes and get mad if Father’s homily is a little long? No. No.

We’ve been given the gift, the great talent of time. How many people—let’s give you eight hours to sleep on Sunday of the 24. Let’s give you an hour per meal. That’s three. So now you’re up to eleven. An hour for showering up, going to the bathroom or whatever. That’s twelve. That leaves 12 hours of wake time. I think people get, each person gets a good 12 hours a good time per day. Twelve hours on Sunday. How much of that 12 hours did you actually devote to the Lord?

Well, okay. So, I taught juniors and seniors in high school and that, they weren’t—listen, they weren’t arrogant. They weren’t proud. They were simply uninformed. So, I put a piece of paper on the desk and say, how much, would you, here’s $1 million. Will you sign this is as a contract, sell your soul to the devil for a million dollars? Of course they all say, no Father, don’t be ridiculous. So, I said let’s up the ante. Let’s make it $10 million. No Father. Not going to do it. Alright. One billion dollars with a B. Sell your soul to the, sign this contract, sell your soul to the devil for a billion dollars. That means you can spend a million on your new car, your new boat, your vacation, your house and still have nine-hundred and 90 million left. Live off the interest.

No Father. We’re not going to do it. At which point then I’d say, well, that’s where you’re wrong. Because you’ll sell your soul for minimum wage work at IGA or ShopCo the gas station so you can get a little extra spending money so you can get the newest iPhone. So, you can get the newest video game. So that you can get insurance so that you can actually drive. You’d sell your soul for minimum wage. And then it was like dead silence in the room because we all know what I said was true. And we all have a minimum wage. What is, that’s the question we should all look in the mirror and say, what is your minimum wage?

So, I’ll tell you what I’ve heard. A lot of the jabs—what’s—their minimum wage was, Well, I have to support myself and my family and so I need, I have to get the jab or they’re going to fire me. Well, if enough people said no, they can’t fire everybody, right? But also, let’s suppose, how about instead of having six kids with cell phones, three cars in the garage, cable, internet, all this other stuff—how about if we just live a little more simply, focusing on God every day—as we’re supposed to do—and then you don’t need that higher-paying job or even the health insurance.

How about we say to ourselves, My help is in the name Lord who made heaven and earth. If he calls me out of this world due to sickness, due to the illness, due to accident and I don’t have health insurance to cover—first of all that’s a big red herring. Because you can go to any hospital and if you have money to pay, they’re going to pay for you. I mean that’s just the way that it is, so that’s a big lie. But how about if we just do that? What if you say, my minimum wage is not my job.

So, it might, for a kid in high school maybe minimum wage is, you know, now about $8 or $9 dollars an hour at ShopCo or IGA. But for adults, maybe it’s 50-60-70-80,000 for their career.

I know Abraham offered up Isaac. God didn’t accept it. But he offered it. The best that Abraham had. What are we willing to do? Are we willing to offer the best that we have? But if we don’t know our faith, of course we’re not gonna. We’re not gonna know that our help is in the name Lord. We’re not going to realize that when, when Jesus taught the parable of the rich man died and poor man, Lazarus. That poor Lazarus is in the arms of Abraham in heaven and what did Abraham through Jesus—what did Abraham say to the rich man died? He’s burning up in hell. Lazarus had bad things in this life but look where he is now. So, what do we care if we get sick and die?

This whole COVID thing? Every single person that succumbed to the masking and that did so willingly, did so because they are godless, faithless people, completely.

And the left vipers who are using this as government control have twisted it all around—because remember they first tried to get us to wear masks, right? We said, I’m not wearing a mask. I’m not afraid of catching a cold from which 99.999 percent of people recover, right? It’s not fair to get, listen, there’s always going to be something. We’re always going to get sick and guess what? In the end, we’re going to get sick and die. Right? That’s 100 percent guaranteed. So, these people that were so afraid, so masked up, and they simply don’t have God in their lives.

So, the question is, well, what can the ordinary Catholic do? Well, learn your faith and then you’ll recognize that the government—the non-faith part. So, I teach the life lesson of the rat poison. You’ve surely heard of that one. When I was a kid, I was greatly troubled by the fact that rats would eat rat poison. Because you would see the dead rat on the box and the skull and cross bones and I’d say: What’s in that box must taste really, really—it must be awful because it kills you.

And it wasn’t till like 30 years later in a homily in downstate Michigan when I was keeping the Lord’s day holy that a priest explained that the reason that the rat eats the rat poison is because like 90-some percent of what’s in that box tastes really, really good to the rat. And what’s, the little bit of poison is all mixed in there and he gobbles it all down and it kills him dead.

So, you know what I did. Sometime in the last year—it was pretty recent—I actually got the courage to reach out and touch that box of poison. It even creeped me out to touch it in the supermarket and I looked at the contents on the back and it was then that I discovered that is only like 1 percent arsenic in that box. Not, not, not 10 percent. One percent, which means that just 1 percent of arsenic will kill your body dead. Well, same for our life of faith. If we don’t know our faith, we’re going to be vulnerable to the rat poison that Bergoglio or Cupich is putting out there.

It’ll sound good. It’ll sound like Satan in the garden: Oh, surely you will not die. Love is love. Oh, that’s just, that’s not a baby inside you, that’s just a clump of cells.

You’ll, you’ll—you know we didn’t used to call it pregnant. That’s a new word like out of the 60s. We used to always say, you’re with child. Right? And all of a sudden, see, because you can terminate a pregnancy. What the heck is that? How about terminate your child? If we use the proper language, you know, you wouldn’t be hearing these people say: my body, my choice. No. Because it’s not your body. It’s the body of a child inside you. Your choice was already made. So, anyway, we have to know our faith pr else we will be vulnerable.

The point is vulnerability. If we don’t know our faith, we’re vulnerable. And we’re not going to know our faith if we can’t even be bothered to put in one hour a day. So, yes, what can a Catholic do? One hour a day. What part of that don’t we understand? Jesus said in the garden: Can’t you spend one hour with me? Oh, you got something more important to do? You’ve got twelve good hours. Okay. You worked eight. Right? Well. There’s four. Is there something more important in your house, more important than your one hour with Jesus? One hour in prayer with your family? Have it be a family event. Maybe some kids getting to be teens might chafe. Well, tough. They’re still living under your roof, right?

So, if you’re not doing that, then you’re only deluding yourself into thinking that you’re in good standing of Almighty God. And when he said that only a few will choose the narrow road of carrying your cross daily—you know he said daily—carry it daily. He didn’t say pick it up for five minutes, put it down and you’re good for the other 23 hours and 55 minutes. No. No. Daily. Pick up your cross and carry it daily. If you’ve got twelve good hours, you should be carrying your cross for 12 hours. Your faith should impact every moment of your life.

I’m still working at it by the way. I don’t claim to be doing that myself. There are times at the end of a 12-hour day that I say: This is my time God. I’ve given you all I have to give right now and now I’m just gonna veg, you know. Even I have my, I’m not all there, right? You have to, at least you have to work toward it. But who’s even doing that? When you see the anti-churches before COVID, you know that there is—and now what is it, some 81 percent don’t even go to church anymore. Eighty-one percent don’t even believe in the real presence. People don’t like to do it through. But just remember this—the parable of talents.

Part of your 10 talents is you’ve been given time. In fact, you’ve been given so much time in America, you don’t even know what to do with it. So, you fill your time up with all these distractions. All these entertainments.

Listen. You better be, we better be on our knees praying and fasting and getting ready because hell’s coming. Jesus told us it’s coming. JPII told us it was coming, told us it’s here, we just don’t all see it yet. But what, anybody with eyes to see knows, the collapse is coming and we’re talking in the next two months. So, yeah, get ready.


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