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ChantWorks’ approach is two-pronged:


The Chanted Word: videos and podcasts

The beauty of Catholic worship—prayers, chants, and hymns—was well developed by Late Antiquity. The Chanted Word videos blend the readings for important days from the liturgical calendar with Catholic art. Hearing sacred texts while viewing sacred images enhances memory. It’s also builds concentration as we pray the readings. The Gospel reading is chanted as it was in the ancient Church. This highlights its importance with adding emotional impact.

Podcasts help lectors prepare to proclaim the Word accurately and effectively. ChantWorks professional recordings exemplify text flow and clear pronunciation.

Parish Scorecard

What’s Mass like in your parish?  Or in other parishes you’ve attended?

The early Church had a wise saying: lex orandi, lex credendi or as we pray, so we believe. Let’s face it. Some parishes are Woke, others are mediocre, and some are reverent, with the fullness of Catholic worship.

Woke parishes are best avoided. Today’s political trivialities displace the eternal truths of Christ.

Mediocre parishes often lead to a slow erosion of faith, so Catholic identity becomes fragile and isn’t passed on to the next generation.

Reverent parishes are a different experience altogether. The contrast is startling and empowering. These parishes take lex orandi, lex credendi seriously, and the results speak for themselves.

A parish with beautiful worship is also likely to have solid faith formation for adults and kids, vigorous charities, lots of warm-hearted volunteers, a lively social life, and plenty of money in the collection basket.



Back to the Roman Empire, welcoming explanations of the faith were written for the benefit of the skeptical or hostile pagan majority. ChantWorks columns explore the cross-currents among faith, personal life, culture and politics from the layman’s point of view, in a practical, action-oriented style.


ChantWorks provides a platform for fascinating Catholic leaders to tell their stories and provide thought-provoking perspectives. It’s amazing how many interesting people are out there: Lay men and women from creative arts, business and politics, plus wise bishops, priests, and religious. No matter their fields of endeavor, their backgrounds, talents, or personalities, they’re all examples of what it means to live in truth and with courage.