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Laser target demographic: delivers a finely targeted demographic of conservative Catholics involved in their local parishes. users are 18 years old to seniors, men and women, musically inclined or just interested in the health and perpetuation of their local parish. was launched in California and Nevada but the platform, content and programming are being scaled to parishes across the United States. content promotes the traditional values of the Catholic Church. As such, services and products geared to this target market provide an efficient ad buy with potentially excellent results.

Advertising on the website delivers a highly specific demographic reach with a choice of ad formats and reasonable rates. We provide a monthly stat report of traffic and click throughs to advertisers, with recommendations for dialing in success.

A direct line to your market

Place your business message in front of decision makers who are looking specifically for your products and services. offers laser targeted, value-priced digital reach to qualified buyers. Designed by ad agency pros, ad opportunities provide strategically located banners and sponsored content, in an easy-to-read, well balanced content-advertising format.

Our technical team is available to answer questions, and our professional design team is also on hand to design ads (should you require) or help work through A-B testing or stat results for future buys.

Media buys


20kb file size limit
Unlimited rotation at the foot of all pages
Purchase units by the calendar month 

Sponsored content

Caption: Sponsored by [hyperlinked company name]
Buy is content specific and evergreen to the specific content
Purchase units by the calendar month

Accepted media formats: gif, jpg, png

Right to cancel or reject

We reserve the right to reject any ad that we feel detracts from our site or is not in keeping with our family-friendly atmosphere. We do not accept pornographic, adult, smoking, drinking, hate, violence, bigotry or other subject matter that society considers offensive. The alt attribute is not used for ad images. Ad clicks cannot be guaranteed as they are based on how well your ad is designed and how desirable your product or service is to the viewing public.