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If politics is downstream from culture, what’s upstream?

Welcome to Bafflegab & Associates.

Founded by the Bafflegab sisters, Propaganda and Censorship, the company’s success is found in a number of historic disruptions. This highly-esteemed consulting firm spans clients as diverse as the media, Silicon Valley, government, academia, Hollywood—occasionally branching out into Catholic bishops and priests.

Masters of social psychology. Brilliant at information warfare. Bafflegab delivers beautifully-crafted narratives guaranteed to manipulate target audiences with disinformation that is both trustworthy and proven by the science. As a Bafflegab client you will appreciate its decades of neuro research and massive data on population manipulation. They have perfected the craft of cultural change while expertly hiding truth and reality beneath dark clouds of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt).

The sisters work closely for maximum impact. Although styles and methods differ, theirs is a perfect partnership of cunning and skill. The transparency of Propaganda without Censorship would soon reveal their lies. Censorship absent Propaganda and the internet would show mostly baby pictures and funny cat videos. Propaganda favors the sin of commission, while Censorship prefers the sin of omission. As the Confiteor puts it “…what I have done, and what I have failed to do.”

Propaganda is the more aggressive of the two boasting fifty-plus effective strategies to tell outrageous, albeit convincing, whoppers. Favorites include gaslighting, false accusations, whataboutism, and loaded language. Censorship is more subtle. She distorts by omission. She disappears important news and cancels people. Her most effective method is to generate fear through social pressure, compelling the unaware into silence to avoid disagreement.

Bafflegab & Associates brings an amazing track record across all markets but one: those who know their faith.

Trust in God reassigns fear. The resulting peace is fertile ground for clear thinking. Truth is an attribute of God. Reason is derived from God, gifted to humans. The faithful know truth through reason, illuminated by revelation. Reason based on God-given principles reveals the difference between truth and deceit. Those who believe in objective truth are hard to manipulate. They have perspective beyond emotion and personal preference.

Even worse, the faithful reason from the bedrock of the Bible and the Magisterium to events in the here and now. (This habit of mind spills over into bedrock reasoning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights—another serious challenge.) When Propaganda tries the false accusation technique, up pops the Ninth Commandment: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. “Where’s the evidence?” the faithful inquire.

Since Propaganda manufactures her talking points, no evidence exists. Then the faithful begin to cogitate malice, a component of mortal sin. This requires the active commitment of intelligence and free will to choose to do what is wrong. This describes Propaganda to a T. 

The faithful have can choose to tune out.