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Reasons to join

It’s liberating. No more tiptoeing. Stop pretending to be vaguely embarrassed about being a dedicated Catholic. Follow your heart and sing it out, loud and proud.

Many devoted Catholics feel isolated. It isn’t easy to find others in the parish who think and feel as you do. “I’m alone,” isn’t true. There’s a huge, but scattered, number of Catholic laypeople who know the faith is beautiful and profound. They want to make things better, but how?

The heart of ChantWorks is our matching function. It works like online dating. Once you decide to join you’re matched with others in your area: qualified directors proficient in the art of chant, fellow singers, friends, patrons, and supportive priests, deacons, and religious. 

The next step is an organized meetup where you meet and get to know kindred souls, ask the Holy Spirit for inspiration, and roll out your own ChantWorks group.