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The ChantWorks Experience:

What’s is like when you join the online community?

We’re online warriors of sung prayer. Our community is both high tech and high touch: active on the internet and also deeply personal.

For now, while we’re all being cautious about Covid-19, we’ve prioritized online.  God willing, before too long, we’ll ramp up to meeting face to face.

  • Webinars: The first ChantWorks webinar series, “The History of Sacred Music”, is up on our website.  How do the different traditions of sacred, religious, and secular music enhance our personal lives?  Can our ears hear the differences? What makes sacred music special and why is it vital to Catholic worship?
    • “The Bible Sings” – coming soon: Salvation history through sacred and religious music.  You’ve seen lots of famous paintings, sacred art that illustrates Bible stories.  Few people are aware of how many great composers through the ages have set Bible stories and verses to music.
  • Podcasts — coming soon: The Medieval DJ invites you to listen and learn.
  • CWTV Videos – coming soon: meet ChantWorks presenters, express yourself in survey responses, and reach deep into the Catholic “magic bag” to find more life-enhancing treasures than we can count.
  • Forum – coming soon: Meet people who share your interests in Catholic beauty:  music, art, architecture, liturgy, and the art of celebration.